Muse - Jaclyn Cave

October 08 2020
Muse Jaclyn Cave a wonderful naturopath in Sydney practices at Halsa Health in Surry Hills. A lovely chat with Jac - from career, health to what motivates and inspires her.

Muse - Claire Harrison

July 06 2020
Navigating 2020 has been extremely challenging. We caught up with inspirational career and leadership coach Claire Harrison for some insight and pearls of wisdom.

Muse - Maggie Scardifield

June 24 2020
Muse Maggie Scardifield a Food and travel writer and Studio Search Party director takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the NSW far south coast, wearing ANEAU resort loungewear of course.

Muse - Analiese Gregory

June 24 2020

Analiese Gregory ANEAU muse - chef, writer, explorer and forager living in beautiful Tasmania on a property in The Huon Valley. Sunday scone an easy recipe for a comforting treat.

Muse - Alexandra Standen

June 05 2020

A visit to the incredible studio of Artist Alexandra Standen in Glebe. A wonderful insight into her inner working world and process of making. 

Muse - Harriet Davidson

June 02 2020

Photo journal, recipe and words by Harriet Davidson of the beautiful south coast and a slow morning. Savoury porridge with ginger, sesame and tumeric. "Get back into your bed with your robe and a good book and feel warmed from within".   

Muse - Josie Smith

May 11 2020
At home with Josie Smith, Art Director at Inside Out Magazine and Florist. Her lovely light filled home in Alexandria with her dog Salty. A modern warm house with beautiful accents and a incredible entertaining area.

Muse - Margaret Westcott

April 28 2020

Mother as Muse. At home with Artist Margaret Westcott in her Pearl Beach home. Slow mornings with her children and grand daughter in celebration of Mothers Day. A day relaxing at home, watercolours of a still life, reading, taken in the nature and her lovely collection of ceramics, sculpture and paintings.



Muse - Tara May Bennett

April 11 2020
Sunday rituals with ANEAU muse Tara from The Provider Store. Beautiful photographs taken by her husband of Tara at home in the inner west home with their dog Porcari.

Muse - Lucy Marix-Evans

January 25 2020

At home with ANEAU Muse Lucy Marix-Evans and her two little girls,

Addiena and Henrietta at their Fairlight home.

Muse - Katie Von Dadelszen

August 15 2019

Custom ANEAU robes for muse Katie and her bridesmaids. Beautiful wedding set in Wanaka, New Zealand.

Muse - Rebecca Castle + Analiese Gregory

July 11 2019

A robe trip around Tasmania with best friends Rebecca Castle + Analiese Gregory.


MUSE - Dara Tippapart

July 01 2019
Stunning wedding in the Southern Highlands of ANEAU muse Dara Tippapart. Dara and her sister's all wearing ANEAU Hand Dyed Shibori robes.

MUSE - Kiri Vasales

May 30 2019
To celebrate Mothers Day we visited Kiri Vasales at home with her two girls for breakfast in bed.

MUSE - Chinni Swamy

May 04 2019
In celebration of International Women's Day we had a chat with the founder of Purkal Stree Shakti, the glorious Chinni Swamy. Photographed in her beautiful garden.

MUSE - Sophia Kaplan

May 01 2019
An Ode to motherhood. Photography essay of ANEAU muse Sophia Kaplan by Saskia Wilson just weeks before giving birth to her son Raphie.

MUSE - Neil Olson

July 27 2018
A insight into the world and home ofANEAU muse Neil Olsen in Elizabeth Bay. A very refined, practical and modern home that utilises every inch of space.

MUSE - Jessica Radburn

February 07 2018
A walk down Cat Alley in Surry Hills to visit the home of ANEAU muse Jessica Radburn.